We Stand For Equality & Equity In Access To Health Care.

Trusted excellence from Doctors and clinicians who care.


Our Vision

At Galileo Life, we are of the opinion that the future of delivering healthcare will be supplemented by technology and eventually technology and AI will be the key role in the delivery of healthcare. We are convinced that a window of opportunity exists to be part of the revolution in healthcare. The evolving telehealth technology offers both patients and doctors tremendous advantages such as easier access to primary care doctors/specialists and providing services to patients in rural areas where traditional clinics are scarce. Galileo Life will address the inequity in access to healthcare.

Our Mission

To develop a network of Galileo Life Smart Clinics nationally to provide easy access to patients to a virtual clinic in their neighborhood for a convenient in-person visit to be examined by doctors and specialists. In addition to the virtual clinics, Galileo Life is offering house calls for homebound patients and will be expanding this service nationally.


Our Benefits

At Galileo Life, we are committed to providing care that is respectful, responsive, and professional. Here’s how:

Our focus is on the patient's individual healthcare needs, treating them with dignity and respect, as well as including them in all of their health-related decisions.

Tired of waiting in long queues to see a specialist? A few clicks and our primary care doctors can provide you quick access.

Experience a virtual examination by a doctor, through integrated medical devices that will allow the doctor to examine you in real-time. Available only at our smart clinics.